lectronic cigarette has risen to become a very popular item of smoking among many smokers today. So many people use it due to several factors. Some see it as a more convenient way of keeping their habit of smoking under control while others see it as cost effective and prevent them from spending more. Some also view it as very green and healthy to smoke than the original tobacco cigarettes.

Many people are still not fully aware of the benefits as well as the shortcomings of the e cigarette. Truth is, just like any other smoking items, electronic cigarettes have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Studies have shown that they are not 100% healthy as so many people think. It is, therefore important that one knows both its benefits and shortcomings before starting to use it.

Below are some of the most common advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes.


1. Health benefits.
One of the obvious reasons why most people are shifting to e cigarette smoking is definitely its many health benefits.
Unlike the original tobacco smoking, electronic cigarettes lack dangerous chemicals such as tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, ash among many others. These substances are known to be harmful to the body and can cause health problems like cancer. Instead these cigarettes have nicotine solutions that are less harmful.

Electronic cigarettes are also cleaner than the traditional tobacco cigarette.

2. Cost effective.
Electronic cigarettes are generally cost effective as compared to the original tobacco cigarettes. Although purchasing the kit might seem quite expensive, purchasing the nicotine liquid is less expensive.
Moreover, it is completely reusable and lasts a longer time than 20 sticks of the traditional tobacco cigarette.

3. Second-hand smoke.
The vapour produced by the e cigarettes is not as smelly as tobacco smoke and lingers only for few seconds in the air before it disappears completely. This means that those people near the smoker do not get affected unlike in the of tobacco. Remember smoke lingers in the air for such a long time, ignites allergies, causes eye stings and smells bad.
This makes electronic cigarettes preferable even in public and were people are crowded.

4. Controlling smoking habits.
Electronic cigarettes are really good for people who aim at quitting smoking. They are very easy to use and have more flavours to select; vanilla, mint, lemon, cherry, cola and chocolate all which the user is able to regulate their amounts while smoking i.e in high, medium and low.

5 Self Image.
Electronic cigarettes cause no physical negative self image signs like smelly clothes or hair, stained teeth, having a bad breath among many others. Self image is indeed boosted by signs like smelling nice, good breath e.t.c These change how people respect and behave around you.


1. Health risks.
Electronic cigarettes are not 100% healthy to use. reports have indicated that too much inhaling of the flavoured vapour can lead to poisoning.
Some potential side effects like dehydration among its users.

2. Expensive starter kit.
Truly, purchasing the starter smoking kit is quite costly. This makes it hard for most people to access it thus opting for tobacco.

3. Difficulty in adjusting.
So many users of the traditional cigarettes have found it really hard adjusting to these cigarettes.

With all these pros and cons being said, it is clear ,indeed, that these cigarettes are good and healthier than the traditional tobacco cigarettes.


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