One example of such a gadget is the exclusive electronic smokeless cigarette.  A Chinese man called Hon Lik who was a pharmacist realized its concept. A smokeless cigarette is a device that simulates the nicotine extraction from smoking by use of heated flavored air that is vaporized then inhaled. They come in cylindrical cases that resemble the traditional tobacco cigarette, only a bit heavier. They contain a glycerin-based liquid that releases the nicotine once heated into vapor. Rechargeable batteries that provide the required heat operate them while in use.

The smokeless cigarettes have many advantages over the traditional tobacco burning cigarettes.
These are some of these advantages;
•    They do not contain all the toxins that are present in tobacco since they do not burn tobacco. The carbon monoxide that tobacco burning introduces into the body is absent in smokeless cigarettes hence they are safer that the tobacco cigarettes.
•    They are cleaner and easy to handle since they do not pour ashes all over. They do not leave residue in your nails, gum or teeth.
•    Governments across the world have put strong limitations to reduce risks by banning tobacco farming, and production. Smoking tobacco publicly is banned, but you can smoke an electronic cigarette anywhere.
•    Tobacco smoking is very expensive due to the regulations that have been placed by governments across the world, but with the smokeless cigarette, you can refill the liquid and save a lot.
•    They are less likely to cause accidental fires since they do not need lighting. You can also regulate the amount of nicotine that you inhale.
Save yourself from adverse risks by choosing the smokeless cigarette every time.


English: Common adverse effects of tobacco smoking (See Wikipedia:Tobacco smoking#Health). The more common are in bold face. Model: Mikael Häggström. To discuss image, please see Template talk:Häggström diagrams References Figure 8-6, page 288, chapter 8 in: Mitchell, Richard Sheppard; Kumar, Vinay; Abbas, Abul K.; Fausto, Nelson. Robbins Basic Pathology. Philadelphia: Saunders. 8th edition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tobacco smoking is harmful to your health. This is a statement that we have always heard, yet many people still embraced the habit of smoking it all their life. Tobacco smoking has been reported to cause many problems in both the social wellbeing and health. The toxins that are present in tobacco cause a range of diseases, some of which do not have a cure.
Research reveals that a big percentage of the people who suffer from throat cancer and lung cancer are long-term smokers. The residue from the carbon monoxide released into the smokers lungs for a long time result in cancerous cells. Tobacco smoking causes gum deterioration, which results in mouth sores and loss of teeth when it is very severe.
Women who smoke while pregnant are at the risk of losing the child or having a child with impairment. The worst thing about tobacco smoking is that it does not only harm the smoker. The innocent people who are in constant close range with the smokers can also suffer the side effects of the smoke from second hand smoking as they inhale the smoke too.
Luckily, for the tobacco smokers out there, the world has changed tremendously in the last few years. These changes have affected the way we live since most technology advances are geared towards making life easier and safer. People have learnt to eliminate most of the risk factors in life by building appliances and gadgets that revolutionize our way of living and makes life easier.


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