Electronic cigarettes can be referred to in many names including e-cig, e-cigarette, and vaporizer. This is an electronic device which is battery powered and usually resembles the conventional cigarette in shape and size. Instead of burning tobacco using flames it uses electric current from its battery to heat up nicotine solution into vapor which then the smoker inhales and exhales just as they would in a normal cigarette.

We are all very much aware of the negative health implications of the normal cigarettes. Which includes, toxic chemicals inhaled by the burning of tobacco such as tar, the possibility of second hand smoking among others, so the question begs; are electronic cigarettes safe?:

First we may safe they are safe because of their absence of flames. The e-cig therefore are not likely to start accidental fire; like in cases of visiting a highly flammable place while smoking the conventional cigarettes or leaving smokes cigarettes on the ground and thus starting accidental fire. E-cig score highly in terms of safety in this area.

E-cig contains nicotine solution which when heated up inside the e-cig delivers the nicotine vapor which would stimulate the smoker. It has little associated by products which the smoker inhales while vaping. On the other hand the conventional cigarette, burns tobacco which has so many other by products including tar which when inhaled causes serious health implication and increases chances of developing lung cancer.

With e-cig there is no associated second hand smoking since the vapor is less likely to fill up the space around the smoker the way a normal cigarette smoke would. The advantage of this is that the vapor doesn’t need smoking zones to enjoy what they love doing, while at the same time not inconveniencing the people around him.

The nicotine concentration on e-cig can be varied with those willing to put an effort to quit smoking opting for the least nicotine concentrations or no nicotine at all in the solution. This is safer option for slower process of quitting smoking. With the regular cigarette there is little that can be done in terms of drastically reducing the nicotine levels in the cigarette, hence slow withdrawal is much harder.

In summary, according to scientific research; in tobacco burning cigarette, there are over 10,000 chemicals over 40 of which are various types of carcinogens which are harmful to health. However a research on the e-cig vapor have proven it does not contain any amount of this toxic chemicals associated with the burning of tobacco.

However, as much as there are many health benefits of the electronic cigarette. Research has shown some reservations in terms of fully accepting it as the safest alternative to smoking. These reservations include the following remarks from FDA:

E-cigs have been known to cause dry coughs and irritation of the mouth and throat.

Some studies suggest that e-cig use leads to reducing the lung functions.

FDA investigation on some of the contents of the solution in the cartridge, they found at least two components in the solutions that can be associated with causing cancer. The nicotine found in the cartridge solution has been associated with causing increased heart rate, blood pressure and leading to damage of small blood vessels in the body.


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