How does e-liquid work?

E-Liquid is poured into a clearomiser (tank) and is turned into vapour by an electric current from a battery. Most e-liquids contain nicotine and by inhaling the vapour you can simulate smoking. This causes a placebo effect which helps smokers quit smoking. PG or propylene glycol is what gives you the “throat hit” or a similar sensation to when drawing on a tobacco cigarette. VG or vegetable glycerine is what creates the vapour which mimics smoke from a tobacco cigarette.

Is e-liquid safe?

Due to the fact that this is a new product e-liquid is still in a phase of scientific research so you will hear different opinions rather than facts about e-cigs and e-liquids. Many studies so far show that it is a much healthier option than tobacco cigarettes. Some people choose vaping over smoking tobacco because they believe it is almost certain that tobacco cigarettes will give them cancer. NHS statistics show that one in two people that smoke (50%) die from a smoking related illness.

For your safety we recommend that you buy your e-liquid from a trusted source, whether it is from us or some other source. Most of the cheaper e-liquids are mass produced in China and sometimes do not take the end users absolute health into consideration as there are none or very little legal ramifications for products from China.

To be safe we recommended that you buy e-liquids that are made in Europe or North America. This is because even though the industry is not regulated most of the ingredients made and used in Europe and North America are regulated. The safest choice is to buy e-liquid which has been certified and tells you where it is made and what ingredients it contains.

Is e-liquid dangerous?

There is no proven study that will officially confirm that inhaling vapour from e-liquid is harmful.

It is however a toxic substance and has to be handled with care. You have to keep your e-juice away from children and wash your hands if any liquid stays on your skin. If you drink e-liquid in large quantities it can be lethal.

What are e liquid’s side effects?

Some e-liquids contain nicotine which is addictive. Examples of the side effects of overdosing on e-liquid vapour inhalation are nausea, stomach ache, diarrhoea, headaches, dry mouth.

Are there different types of e liquid?

Yes, there are different types of e-liquids. You can buy e-liquids that contain a different composition ratio of PG/VG (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine) and different nicotine levels. Many have flavours which could improve your vaping experience. You can also get e-juice which contains no (zero) nicotine.

What strengths of e-juice are there?

Click the image below to discover your strength.


How much does e liquid cost?

The price of e-liquid depends on the quality of the product. Depending on the origin of the e-liquid, bottle size and its composition you might be paying anything from £2 to £20. See the price for our e liquids here.

Where can I buy an e liquid?

You can buy e-liquid in specialized shops for vapers, some corner shops and online. Be sure to check who is the producer of that e-juice and what it contains.

Is cheap e liquid good for me?

We do NOT recommend buying cheap e-liquid, because it is very likely that the quality of this e-juice will be low. Usually the cheaper e-juices contain many more and cheaper chemicals which can affect your health negatively. We are not trying to scare monger people into buying our e-liquid but we do believe that the quality and composition of an e-liquid does affect your health and your vaping experience.

What Should I know before choosing right e-liquid?

When choosing the best and healthiest e-juice for yourself you should always find out what ingredients it is made of.

Ask questions like;

Is the e-liquid made with natural or organic flavours? Organic or natural flavours should be healthier than synthetic flavours. We also believe natural flavour taste better

Does the e-liquid contain any allergens or substances which are not fit for human consumption? We believe it is every company’s moral obligation to give consumers the best quality products possible and so doing always putting the customers’ health and well being first.

Is it certified? Certified products add credibility and give you assurance that the product is genuine.

Is it made in a laboratory under pharmaceutical conditions? This is important as you consume the e-liquid and you don’t want any contaminants in it. Manufacturing e-liquid is a precise science and should be made with precision laboratory equipment!

Is the e-juice GMO free? There are still mixed feelings and opinions on genetically modified produce so we believe natural is best.

Other important factors include how the liquid affects your hardware. Many cheaper e-liquids taint your clearomisers (tanks) and stain them, causing you to have to replace them when you want to use a different flavour. Lower quality liquids also clog up atomiser coils meaning they have to be replaced more regularly costing you more money.

How long it lasts for?

Depending on how much you use your e-cigarette, a 10ml bottle could be enough for 7-10 days. If you are a light smoker you might vape less and it could last even longer.


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