Whether you have been smoking for years or just want to try something new, electronic cigarettes are a cleaner alternative to tobacco products. Instead of stinking up your clothes with smoke or risking getting cigarette burns in your carpet, an e-cigarette uses a battery operated atomizer to generate a flavored and nicotine filled vapor. Not only do these new electronic products look and feel like the real thing, they even taste like real cigarettes. One only has to consider these products for a moment to realize that they are safer than regular cigarette electric cigarette starter kit you want to buy.There are plenty of them on the market to choose from.

However, the best ones to buy are from reputable vendors who manufacture or distribute high quality products. This way, you will be able to tell if smoking e-cigarettes is right for you based on the experience without worrying that you may be using an inferior product. Most every electric cigarette starter kit comes with more or less the same items, though the quality of the included components can vary a great deal. They usually include lithium ion batteries, the cart, atomizer, a charging kit, and a supply of e-liquid or additional atomizers that are designed to last you for at least a month.

The Wicked Tornado Electronic Cigarette, also referred to as the Joye EGO from Totally Wicked Eliquid is one of the most sought after electronic cigarette starter kits. The kid is completely outfitted withh 2 lithium ion batteries, 2 atomizers, 1 charger, 10 cartridges, and a users manual, everything needed to start e-smoking today.

The Vapor King Ultimate kit from Vapor4Life is another excellent choice. It includes 2 automatic batteries, 1 USB passthrough, 5 cartomizers, 1 USB charger, 1 wall charger, and a nifty carrying case. The batteries and the cases come in 11 colors including blue, chrome, green, lavender, and gun metal. You can buy one for yourself or for the other smokers in your life. Be sure to visit the website http://www.vapor4lifecoupon to save on all vapor4life purchases.

Also South Beach Smoke has a variety of amazing, good quality electric cigarette starter kit choices. Two batteries, one wall charger, five big cartridges, plus a $100 gas rebate voucher bonus are all included in the Deluxe kit. Also an extra USB charger, car adapter, and carrying case are included with the Deluxe Plus kit. Go to http://www.southbeachsmokereview.com to learn more information and obtain instant savings on the south beach smoke electric cigarette starter kit.

Bloog sells three popular starter kits. Visit the above website for savings of 10% on electronic cigarette starter kit packages and use the coupon code ‘EVAPE’ or if on the Bloog site, you’ll need to type in “EVAPETEN’ during the checkout process. While you are on the site, take a look at the Ultimate Starter Kit. This kit includes the following: five cartomizers, one USB connected passthrough battery, two auto batteries, a variety of chargers (USB, wall, and car), and a carrying case.

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