Green Smoke™, one of the popular electronic cigarette manufacturers, was founded in 2008 to provide harmless cigarettes to people. Green Smoke is a user friendly electronic device, which gives the feel of smoking a real cigarette. Green Smoke being an electronic cigarette, people can avoid dangerous carcinogens and injurious tar while smoking.

As Green Smoke is manufactured without any unhealthy materials (contains only water, propylene glycol and nicotine), one can inhale Green Smoke cigarettes at public places like bus-stops, airports and restaurants. Propylene glycol, an addictive, which is used in cake mixes and foods, will not harm heart and lungs of a person. Low cost and the harmless ingredients make Green Smoke one of the top selling electronic cigarette brands in the market.

Competitive edge over other Brands

1. Most of the brands come with 3 or more components but Green Smoke comes with just 2 components.
2. Most brands do not have integrated atomizer but Green Smoke does. Integrated Atomizer that comes along with cartridge and nicotine pad keeps the cigarette leak-proof.
3. Nicotine pad, which is built inside the cartridge, is another major competitive edge as there are not many e-cigarette brands coming with inbuilt nicotine pad. One does not need to touch nicotine pad while smoking the cigarette.
4. Size, look, and feel resembles regular tobacco cigarette whereas other e-cigarettes are too long in size and come in non traditional colors (the size of Green Smoke varies from 98mm to 112mm).
5. When the cartridge is changed, the nicotine pad will be changed too. So, one can expect freshness in smoking.

How does Green Smoke Work?

• A simple two-part design.
• It is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a cartridge to produce the desired dose of nicotine. Both the battery and cartridge are screwed together to assemble the Green Smoke cigarette.
• There is an inbuilt vaporizer that produces vapors when inhaled.
• Methanol, chocolate, coffee, apple and strawberry flavors can be chosen from.
• The batteries can be charged using a USB or a wall adapter.

Starter’s Kit

Green Smoke Basic Starter’s Kit

• This basic starter’s kit is available at $139.
• One short lithium ion electric rechargeable battery with a green tip Lights Red and a long lithium ion electric rechargeable battery with a green tip Lights Red.
• 5 nicotine cartridges
• One USB charger kit
• One Methanol Ultra Light
• Greet Smoke Basic Starter’s kit manual.
• 30 Day money back
• 1 Year Warranty on Green Smoke E-Cigarettes.

Social Smoker Kit – A special package for the social smokers who do not need many cartridges

• The social smoker kit is available at $109.
• Lithium ion electric rechargeable battery with a green tip Lights Red,
• 5 nicotine cartridges,
• One USB charger kit,
• Green Smoke e-cigarette manual
• 30 Day money back
• 1 Year Warranty on Green Smoke E-Cigarettes.

Love Birds Kit- A specially designed package for smoking couples

• Available at $270,
• 2 short lithium ion electric rechargeable batteries with a green tip Lights Red,
• 2 long lithium ion electric rechargeable batteries with a green tip Lights Red,
• 10 nicotine cartridges,
• 2 USB charger kit
• 2 Green Smoke e-cigarette manuals.
• 30 Day money back
• 1 Year Warranty on Green Smoke E-Cigarettes.


There are three batteries available with Green Smoke. One can choose the desired battery to enjoy the electronic smoking.
1. Pink Electric Cigarette Battery – Costs around $49, Pink Electric Cigarette Battery can be seen in pink color rather than in traditional classic white.
2. USB Electric Cigarette – One can also choose USB Electric Cigarette Battery instead of Lithium Ion Battery. This USB battery can be plugged to your computer directly to get the charging done. The charger ports do not work anywhere except for computers. One can order this charger for $50
3. Electric Cigarette Battery- Available at $50, Electric Cigarette Battery is considered to be the most preferred batteries. People love to buy multiple batteries to keep one at home, office, car and any other places. It is important to wait for 2 to 3 hours to get the charging done.


There are four types of chargers available for Green Smoke
1. USB Charger- Available at $19.5, USB Charger can be used to charge the Green Smoke by plugging into laptops and Mac.
2. Home Adaptor- One can order Home Adapter for $19.5. Home adaptor can be used to charge the Green Smoke at home and office places
3. Car Adaptor- Available at $19.5, a light weight car charger helps to charge Green Smoke e-cigarettes while travelling.
4. USB Home Chargers Kit- Available at $34.5, this charger can be used either in office, home or car.


• 30 Day money back
• 1 Year Warranty on Green Smoke E-Cigarettes. This warranty is not applicable to cartridges.

User‘s Feedback

Customers are extremely happy to smoke these improved-version cigarettes. Customers have found that they can keep away bad breath and stained teeth by smoking a good quality e-cig such as Green smoke. As Green Smoke is available in various flavors, users get a chance to choose the desired flavor and they are very happy to pick up the preferred one. With the reasonable price, when compared to other competitors, Green Smoke has become the most preferred e-cigarette brand in the market.

Available in most countries in the world, Green Smoke offers you a disposable cartomizer system in a wide range of flavors.

    • Quality: Great vaping for a disposable system

    • Flavors: Good range of flavors

    • Battery: A pass-through type battery offers that can be also used while charging

    • Best for: Any Occasional vapers, light users

    • Price: Bit hig price than other models.

  • Compatibility: Conflicting with other cartomizers refill.

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