Smoking is one of the most popular activities throughout the world despite the common knowledge of the health risks and the growing lack of tolerance to smokers by non-smokers. Smokers believe that they have a right to enjoy their favorite activity anytime that they want, but the growing opposition has put them into a position where they are routinely forced out into the cold and rain, alienated from their dining companions, and made to feel like social outcasts. There is a new and exciting item available to smokers now though that may change all of that, as well as help alleviate some of the more significant health-related risks associated with smoking. Today, there is electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, and they are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices among those who wish to enjoy the pleasure of smoking but are tired of the mistreatment that they suffer for it. So what is an electronic cigarette? How do they work? Are they safe?

What Is An Electronic Cigarette And How Do They Work?
An electronic cigarette is actually not a tobacco item at all. It is instead a device that contains a small power cell, a cartridge which contains nicotine and a favoring agent in a fluid base, and a vaporizer that heats up the contents of that cartridge. The device is shaped like a cigarette and many times is designed to resemble one, just a tiny bit larger. At one end of the device is an air intake port, and at the other end, a port that allows the user to suck the vapor out of the atomizer. Most often there is a charging port as well and some models even include a red indicator light inside the air intake port so that the device looks to have a glowing “lit” end when it is in use. The cartridge that contains the nicotine vapor is sometimes available in a wide variety of flavors and strengths just as real cigarettes are. The carbides can be easily taken out and replaced with another one within a matter of seconds and a cartridge that is not empty can be reused when desired as they are self-sealing when they are removed from the device.

Electronic cigarettes work very simply. The device contains a sensor that is triggered when the user draws air through the “filter” end. When the sensor is triggered it activates the vaporizer unit that atomizes the contents of the cartridge so that it can be mixed with the air flow and into the mouth of the user. If the device is equipped with a glow LED the light glows while the user is pulling on the device. The electronic cigarette will turn itself off after a minute or two of not being used to help to save battery power.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?
Electronic cigarettes are safer relatively than traditional cigarettes for several reasons. First, there is no actual open flame or the need to use a cigarette lighter. This greatly reduces the chance that a person will burn themselves or another person with the end of a lighted cigarette by accident or that one will have an accidental fire start from a lit cigarette. In regard to heath concerns, electronic cigarettes are by comparison safer than traditional cigarettes because there is not actual smoke with the hundreds of dangerous compounds that it contains entering the lungs. The use of an electronic cigarette is actually safe in and of itself. There is no heating element that can come in contact with the user, and all of the components are self-contained inside the unit meaning that the power cell, and the vaporizer are not ever exposed to the user.

There is a wide variety of reasons that one may choose to enjoy the benefits of electronic cigarettes. They are safer in regard to fire risk. Electronic cigarettes do not provide ash that has to be cleaned taken care of so there is no need for ash trays. There is no smoke to bother others, and the risks to one’s health are significantly reduced. Electronic cigarettes are convenience, economical, cleaner, safer and offer more variety.


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