Smokeless Smoking… That’s What Is The True Marvel Behind Vapor Cigarettes, And Critical To The Benefits Introduced

It seems too good to be true–the opportunity to smoke with no actual smoke. The absence of smoke means the absence of poisonous chemicals that wreak havoc on your own health and the health of those who are near you when you smoke.

The lack of smoke-related health dangers means you are able to enjoy these where traditional cigarettes that burn tobacco are prohibited.

The question is, are these cigarettes able to fulfill the smoking urges that people have? In order to find out, the following pages evaluate some of the finest products out there for smokers who crave the enjoyment of smoking a cigarette in a newer, safer, less restrictive manner.

E-Cigs Looking Authentic – Sometimes Useful, Sometimes Not

All the brands that are evaluated here look (roughly) like real cigarettes, and they feel like real cigarettes, too.Technically this makes them fall into the class termed “Mini” and “Super Mini” – though predominantly the former (super mini’s arent in use much with noted exception of Blu Cigs, due to poor battery life)…

Minis are a bit bigger but offer huge gains in battery and vapor (with the KR808d-1 Specification – aka KR8 or 808d-1 behind most of the better brands and options – like V2 Cigs and Smokeless Image’s VOLT).

This is critical, because even though smokers want a safer smoke, they want the ‘real feel’ and genuine look of a traditional cigarette when they are smoking them around other smokers.

To this end, the specifics of these cigarettes, such as their length, texture, diameter and filter tip are reproduced as realistically as possible. They look real and even light up at the end in a fiery reproduction of a true tobacco-burning cigarette.


Making Smokeless Cigarettes Smoke

Naturally, not all electronic cigarettes are the same. Different companies have patented different features, but one factor is common to all of these, and that is, there is no smoke. Rather, by merely taking a drag on the filter end, as you do on a traditional cigarette, a “flow sensor” is activated.

Because of a tiny built-in battery pack, water vapor is released that contains a number of active ingredients, including an odor that mimics tobacco, along with propylene glycol, a safe base that dilutes the nicotine liquid (or flavoring), and nicotine, or a flavor intended to imitate nicotine to enable non-nicotine smoking.

Examining the components of the electronic cigarettes allows you to see how nicotine is delivered to satisfy a craving minus any lighting up, and how you can have the feeling of smoking a nicotine cigarette without the nicotine. The act of smoking is simulated without any of the dangers of traditional cigarettes. This means that you are safe, and the people near you are safe, from the toxic impacts of smoking. Enjoy these cigarettes in many areas where smoking is prohibited, such as the area metro parks, bars, nightclubs, and indoor sporting events.

Evaluating Different E Cigs / Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes With Our Reviews

Take note of the distinctions among the various brands that are evaluated in the remainder of this article. When it comes to selecting the brand that is the right one for you, take a closer look at these aspects of the various brands:

E-Cig Starter Kits – despite the fact that e cigs are becoming increasingly popular, they are somewhat untested in the marketplace. This fledgling status means that individuals are leery about whether these new smokeless cigarettes can be as fulfilling as traditional ones are. Luckily, there are many reviews here of brands that have so-called “starter kits.” These handy kits let people take a test run on them without making any commitments.

Amount of Nicotine  – there are different nicotine amounts in e cigs from which to choose, similar to traditional cigarettes. What is nice about electronic cigarettes is that choosing the amount you want is as easy as selecting the right cartridge. Generally, there are low, medium and regular nicotine amounts in the cartridges. Alternatively, you can select a cartridge with no active ingredient, for a nicotine-free smoking experience.

Life of the E-Cigarette Battery – the tiny batteries inside the e cigs produce the energy that fires up and vaporizes the nicotine-free liquid or the nicotine. It causes the tip of the cigarette to look like it is burning, just like a traditional cigarette. Compare all aspects of the battery life of the assorted products listed, as these are going to vary among the brands.

Vapor Taste and Aroma (Much Determined By E-Liquid) – enjoying the taste and the aroma from a cigarette is among the highlights of smoking. This pleasurable experience is not forfeited by switching to most of the e cig brands here. Many of the reviewed cartridges come in an assortment of flavors, such as fruity strawberry and apple along with the flavors of menthol and regular tobacco.

Quantity & Quality of VAPOR – among the most vital factors in the genuineness of e cigarettes is the quantity of smoke-like vapor that the smoker exhales. Even though with e cigs that smoke is completely harmless water vapor, the experience closely mimics traditional smoking. The more vapor that is produced by the e cig, the more enjoyable smoking it is.

Money back guarantees and warranties–several of the electronic cigarette brands evaluated here offer a money-back warranty if the e cigs you purchased do not meet your expectations. This offer also includes starter kits. In circumstances when the manufacturer does not offer a money-back warranty, the merchandise is still guaranteed to be free of imperfections.

This applies to both the workmanship and the materials, and if there is anything wrong, whether it is cigarettes or any kind of packaged accessories, it will be fixed or replaced, and the manufacturer will foot the bill.

It does not matter if you are a long-time smoker of traditional cigarettes or just have an urge to try something new, e-cigarettes give you the option of enjoying a cigarette nearly anytime you feel like it. Just take a look at these pages and check out the evaluations of many of the top brands of smokeless cigarettes.

You will discover additional information about how to experience the pleasure of cigarette smoking minus the nasty smell and the life-threatening aspects of tobacco use.


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