It is amazing how similar using an electric cigarette is to smoking a tobacco cigarette, but there are subtle differences. Of course, they are good differences. If you have researched the e-cigarette any at all, then you probably already know some of the finer points that make them so appealing. A tobacco smoker is able to leave behind many of the crueler aspects of smoking and change to something e-cigarette users refer to as vaping.

Vaping is just a term used to describe the inhaling action of the user of an e-cigarette because the term smoking just does not accurately apply. It is called vaping because what the user inhales in a vapor mist of water, nicotine, flavorings and some other additives that help deliver the vapor to the user. The nicotine liquid is housed in the filter portion of the electronic cigarette. When the user draws on the device in the same way they would a tobacco cigarette, the air is drawn through the atomizer which is a small heating element housed between the battery stick and the filter. The air is heated and drawn through the filter and heats the nicotine solution. This is what makes the vapor mist feel like real smoke, only it is not.

The sensation that the e-cigarette user gets is so similar to the smoke sensation because it is warm. It is different because the nicotine solution is never burned like tobacco and is therefore not carcinogenic. This actually gives the vapor a much smoother feel to the user than inhaling smoke. This is a great thing because the user also does not get any tar either. The tar that a tobacco smoker inhales in the smoke is one of the deadly elements of smoking along with the chemical content of the tobacco. The chemicals used in the nicotine liquid are much safer and are already used in many items we use.

A new e-cigarette user might need a few days to get used to the amount of nicotine that is delivered to them since it generally is smaller doses than you get in a tobacco cigarette. This too is a good thing. It is about the same as switching brands of tobacco cigarettes. You can still get the nicotine liquid in a strength that you are accustomed to like full flavor, light, or even menthol. Some e-cigarette users actually use filters that have no nicotine at all if they no longer want to take that substance into their body either. Getting used to vaping instead of smoking is so easy that many e-cigarette users can not even tell the difference at all.

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