An e cigarette is basically an electronic inhaler device that provides you the relief of smoking by emitting a vapor that consists of almost similar measurements of tobacco and nicotine. When you go about purchasing an e cigarette of your own, you can also reduce the amount of nicotine that is contained in the e cigarette, as opposed to the normal fixed volume that is available in conventional cigarettes. It is definitely a choice to go for if you are someone who is also intending to cut down on smoking.

Many people are aware of the terrible health effects of smoking tobacco and they are really trying hard to quit that habit. Unfortunately, it is not easy to break the habit of smoking when you are addicted. Most often try to quit but they find it almost impossible. Have you heard of electronic cigarette? The study shows that e cigarette has helped many people quit smoking tobacco. Therefore, e cigarette is considered a cessation agent. Most electronic cigarette companies have started campaigns on free electronic cigarette. They distribute free electronic cigarette to conventional smokers. As people continue to use these free electronic cigarettes, they will realize the importance of quitting traditional cigarettes.

Are you tired of having to wait in a long queue after work to get your box of cigarettes, and also annoyed by the fact that you are limited to smoking outdoors or stuffy cigarette rooms? Well, worry no more, as there is a whole new world of smoking waiting to be explored, and it is the new form of cigarettes, the E cigarettes.

The e cigarettes are usually charged with a lithium battery, which takes up the biggest component of this electronic cigarette. These batteries activated by a simple draw of breath through the e cigarette, which in turn activates the electronic airflow sensors of the device. There are other models available that use a power switch to stimulate the same activation. The batteries can be charged using a USB cable, or an AC outlet, though certain e cigarette manufacturers offer a PCC, which stands for Portable Charging Case. The PCC consists of a large battery that is made to resemble a cigarette pack, making it the ideal companion for your e cigarette whilst charging.

E Cigarette Basic Info

The other components which you would find together with an e cigarette are an atomizer, a magnet adaptor as well as the liquid, or cigarette juice. You will be able to obtain the e cigarette liquid in either bottle or pre-filled cartridges, the latter of which is disposable.
In short, the e cigarette has definitely got a lot of positive notes on its side, and the biggest would probably be that it is environmentally friendly, as you would not be puffing off bits of smoke into the air!

Electronic Cigarette – How Does It Work?

Electronic cigarettes – also known as e-cigarettes or vaporizer cigarettes – are one of the fastest growing trends among the tobacco-smoking community. While more and more people have heard about them, few know very much about how they work. This article offers a brief summary of how electronic cigarettes provide users with a safer and cheaper smoking experience.

Almost all e-cigarettes are made out of three basic components: a mouthpiece, a heating element and a battery/wiring.

The mouthpiece (or cartridge) is a replaceable piece which is typically made out of plastic. It is designed to fit comfortably in the user’s mouth while smoking, with an opening to allow the vapor to flow out of the device. It also is the part which holds the liquid nicotine mixture. There are a wide variety of these mixtures, with nicotine levels varying from none and low to medium and high. They also come in an assortment of flavors, such as menthol and cherry. When the cartridge runs out, it is easily replaced for continued use.

The heating element (also known as the atomizer) is located adjacent to where the mouthpiece is inserted. This vaporizes the liquid, creating the nicotine vapor that is inhaled. They can be activated in several ways, often with buttons or through systems which detect when there is air being sucked out of the mouthpiece. These are also replaceable, but last much longer than the disposable cartridges – often somewhere between 3 – 6 months depending on the model and the frequency of use.

The last component is the battery and wiring, which is housed at the tip of the e-cigarette. Many models use lithium-ion batteries which have a long life and can be recharged. The rechargeable batteries can be plugged into wall outlets, and many models also come with a USB charger that is convenient for use on the go. The heating element is inserted into the section containing the battery and wiring, and this provides power to the atomizer.

The main draw of e-cigarettes is that they deliver nicotine in a vapor solution rather than actual smoke. This means that using them is not only significantly safer, but also that they can be smoked almost anywhere. This feature is particularly attractive, given the increasingly strict laws which limit where traditional cigarettes can be smoked. For example, New York City recently made it illegal to smoke cigarettes in public parks.

Additionally, e-cigarettes can save smokers up to thousands of dollars per year. The government is continually raising the taxes it charges on each pack of cigarettes, making it a very costly habit to indulge in. A single disposable cartridge is roughly equivalent to two packs of cigarettes, and can cost as little as $2 or less each. With average cigarette prices ranging from $5 – $8 per pack, this means that an individual cartridge can save between $8 and $14. This quickly adds up, especially for heavy smokers.

The best part is that many companies offer a free electronic cigarette starter kit to new customers. With all of these benefits and no financial risk, what have you got to lose?

Free electronic cigarette
These cigarettes are very different from conventional cigarettes. These battery-powered devices are filled with liquid nicotine, which vaporizes into a mist that is puffed by users. They do not have harmful health effects as compared to conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are also known as green smoke, smokeless cigarette, personal vaporizers, or e gigs. The main challenge caused by traditional cigarette is nicotine addiction, which give the user great challenge while trying to quit smoking. If you are battling with quitting smoking, then this is your chance to acquire electronic cigarette.

Even so, where will you find a free electronic cigarette? To find a free electronic cigarette, go to the search engine to see that companies that have that offer. After you find a suitable e cigarette company, register with them and definitely, they will deliver the product to your doorstep. However, some companies may require you to pay the shipping cost for your free electronic cigarette. The shipping costs are not usually high and depend on the distance from the company’s warehouse to your place. We suggest you read our article for more details on how e cigarette free trials work.
Health benefits of electronic cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes have many health benefits, which include:

They have no effect on blood pressure since they do not have tar and does not cause clogging of arteries.
They have no harmful chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes
They do not cause yellowing of the teeth and bad smell that are mostly associated with conventional cigarettes.
They eradicate the desire of smoking conventional cigarettes.
The users can smoke an e cigarette in any place since they do not inconvenience other people.
Electronic cigarettes can reduce the consumption of conventional cigarettes without users experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Cons of electronic cigarettes
Although e cigarettes have benefits, they also have some cons. However, the cons are insignificant as compared to the health benefits of e cigarettes. This makes e cigarettes the best cessation agent. The cons of electronic cigarettes include:

They lack important regulatory factors. Factors such as health warnings and proper labeling are not emphasized.
Electronic cigarettes may cause severe pulmonary effects immediately after smoking.

In conclusion, free electronic cigarette can help you a lot in quiting the habit of smoking traditional cigarette. You can easily acquire e cigarettes from various stores such as shopping malls, chemists and other outlets. However, it is advisable that you carry out proper research before deciding on which brand of e cigarette to use.

Understanding the Design and Use of an E-cigarette

There is very little information about e-cigarettes and their use but the recent anti-smoking campaigns have made many people to have an interest in knowing more about this special type of cigarettes. Smoking cessation is the desire of many smokers and an e-cigarette is a good aid in helping a person to quit smoking. The fact that e-cigarettes simulate tobacco smoking enables smokers to stop smoking gradually.

The aerosol mist produced by e-cigarettes acts like the tobacco smoke produced in conventional cigarettes. The aerosol mist produced by e-cigarettes is inhaled by smokers. The physical design of an e-cigarette is similar to that of a conventional cigarette. E-cigarettes have a liquid solution that is normally heated to produce vapor. The laws governing the use e-cigarettes and their respective liquid solutions vary from one country to another.

E-cigarettes are meant to replace tobacco smoking although the liquid solutions used in some of the cigarettes contain some nicotine. The aerosol vapor from e-cigarettes is in most cases flavored. E-cigarettes have a piezoelectric element that is responsible for vaporizing the liquid solution to produce a flavored air. The heating element is in most cases referred to as an atomizer. An atomizer is made up of a silica wick that draws the liquid solution and a filament for heating. E-cigarettes have a plastic or metal cartridge that acts as a mouthpiece and reservoir for the liquid solution. An e-cigarette cartridge is normally open at both ends in order to serve its two roles as a mouthpiece and liquid reservoir.

A cartridge should always be in a perfect condition so that the liquid solution does not leak into the mouth. A plastic sponge is in most cases used to hold the liquid in place. Electronic cigarette cartridges are normally refilled just like printer cartridges when the liquid solution runs out. A full cartridge is equivalent to twenty conventional cigarettes when it comes to the number of puffs. An e-cigarette has a rechargeable battery that is normally charged via any kind of AC outlet. Portable charging cases are normally provided by some e-cigarette manufacturers and this makes it possible for individual e-cigarette batteries to be charged by a larger battery.

The breath of a smoker is in most cases used to activate the power unit in an e-cigarette. The propylene glycol solution is in most cases used as an e-liquid solution in electronic cigarettes. The liquid solution is normally mixed with concentrated flavors and a small percentage of liquid nicotine. It is important to understand the composition of e-cigarettes and their use before deciding to go for them.

What to Look for When Buying an Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have become popular among smokers because of their benefits compared to other types of cigarettes. When buying electronic cigarette it is always good to make an informed choice in order to get the maximum satisfaction from the cigarette. Here are some of the things to look for when buying an electronic cigarette.

Cartridge life and good battery
Most of the current e-cigarettes come with good battery lives. This means that it is possible to smoke the cigarette for a long time before it dies off. If you aspire to use your electronic cigarette frequently it is advisable to look for two piece models from reputable brands. It is also good to buy e-cigs that has a prefilled cartridge because it is possible to refill them manually if you decide to do it. It is also advisable to look for electronic cigarettes that have cartridges that can last for a long time.

Strength and flavors
It is good buy electronic cigarettes that provide a good assortment of flavors. If you want to try novelty flavors, besides the standard tobacco, it is good to purchase from a brand that offers a wide range of options. If you want to vary your nicotine dosage frequently and want to decrease your nicotine content, it is important to consider the nicotine strength of the electronic cigarette that you want to buy.

The cost of the e-cigarette is another important factor to consider in the buying process. It is advisable to look for electronic cigarette that fits your budget well to prevent straining yourself economically. However, do not go for cheap ones that may fail to provide the satisfaction required. When it comes to cost, focus on getting good value for your money.

Ease of use
One of the major issues with electronic cigarettes is the fact that they require batteries to operate. It is, therefore important to consider what will happen when you are outside the house or office and your battery runs out. At this point it might not be able to recharge your electronic cigarette batteries. What you need to look for is a brand that has the ability to recharge your batteries. The good thing is that there are brands that have got carrying case that charge the battery, thus reducing any inconvenience that might occur when you forget charging your battery. It is also good to look at how easy your electronic cigarette will be to smoke and ease in refilling the cartridges.

How electronic cigarette free trials work!

Electronic cigarettes are new inventive products and therefore many people are attracted to try and taste it. This high demand by customers has resulted in some cigarette dealers to exploit their clients through over-charging or selling wrong products. Here, we are going to analyze the e-cig starter kit scam and advice you on the methods in which they are offered as well as how you can avoid them.

There are very few methods in which e-cig scams are usually done. The first method used by many scammers is where the selling are, market venue stalls and auto boot sales are usually established. Usually, the stalls are built in attractive and promotional manners using banners so as to attract customers and this is the main reason why most scammers usually make huge profits on the first day. It is in this respect that most cigarette manufacturers have come up with electronic cigarette free trials lasting for a period of 14 days. It is very significant for customers to know How electronic cigarette free trials work. Within this time limit, you can be bale to use the product and when there are any shortcomings with it you can return it back.

You should keep it in your mind that when a customer goes to the seller, they are looking to get the best from their money and it is very dangerous if the vendor is after exploiting you. These false scammers will give false information about the e-cigs that will entice you to buying the product which according to law is illegal and inaccurate. Similarly, websites can also be designed to give false information about electronic cigarette that will make the customers to buy the wrong products they were not expecting. It is in this respect that free electronic cigarette is very important. It will give you adequate taste of the e-cig you have bought before making a decision on whether it is the best choice.

The free electronic cigarette trials come with free delivery to the customer in which they will be able to provide their reviews to the vendor when the 14 day period elapses. This period is automatically registered with any customer who purchases the product from a certified vendor. They will be provided with a warranty form which the customers will fill and return it back to the vendor in case he or she experiences any problem with the cigarettes. After filling the form with an approval of the vendor and the manufacturers, the customer can keep the form during the trial period before reporting back to the vendor on his or her experience within the 14 day free trial period.

E Cigarette Free Trial Offers Explained

Electronic cigarettes have been hailed as the perfect replacement for traditional cigarettes due to the fact they are a much healthier alternative. Since it can be tough for long time traditional cigarette smokers to make the switch, numerous e cigarette companies offer free trials to take before the full version is purchased. E Cigarette free trials allow people to have a better idea of what life would be like with e cigarettes as opposed to real cigarettes.

There seem to be a lot of benefits when it comes to e cigarettes and their free trials. For one, it is a lot cheaper than most e cigarette company’s starter kits. This way, you don’t have to spend a considerable amount of money on a starter kit right away. There are other benefits to smoking e cigarettes. For example, e cigarettes come with no tar or any carcinogens, therefore the risk of cancer when smoking e cigarettes is greatly reduced compared to real cigarettes. Furthermore, there is no risk of second hand smoke or having your clothes smell like tobacco due to the fact that e cigarettes are odorless. Those that choose to use e cigarettes are free to smoke in non-smoking areas like restaurants, airports, and hotels. This all at the low price of $4.95.

E cigarette free trials are a new type of marketing due to how they allow consumers to try a product at a very low price, then cancel the subscription if they aren’t pleased. If consumers do like the e cigarette then they will be treated to monthly refills from the company that they purchased them from. The monthly subscription is something that all e cigarette companies do and the price of the monthly subscription is usually hidden in the fine print. So don’t get caught up in the excitement of a free trial and forget to read the fine print. Two the most popular e cigarette companies that offer free trials are No Flame and E Cigs Brand. On the other hand, those that aren’t interested in free trials and want to start off with a starter kit may be interested in Green Smoke, which consider to be the top e cigarette brand on the market today.


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