Ok, so you’ve decided to move from analog cigarettes to electronic cigarettes to vape mods and possibly into more advanced dripping and building. So now, how do you decide what to choose?

The market today has an extremely large and varied selection of electronic cigarettes and vape [box] mods. They differ in appearance, size, technical characteristics, such as battery capacity, battery type (button or automatic), the resistance of the atomizer. Also an important factor is the type of cartridge. They can be filled with (sintepon, hollofayber) or without it. These cartridges are called tanks (from the English word – tank).

Making a decision can be a daunting task with so many different options to choose from. And the novice can not immediately understand such a variety of goods. Therefore, this article is designed more for beginner vapers of electronic cigarettes. Here I will try to fully describe the types of cigarettes of various amendments thereto (cartomizers, clearomizers, etc.), as well as e juices and their ingredients.
Basic Vaping Tips 101
Basically every electronic cigarette consists of three main parts
Accumulator battery

It is a metal rod, which contains a rechargeable cell and electric control board. Virtually all batteries use light indication. It indicates the state of charge of vape, a voltage is e-cig batteryapplied to the atomizer and possible faults.

Also, the battery can be equipped with a sensor rod. In this case, when fastening the sensor detects movement of the air and automatically power the atomizer. In such a button battery is not present.

It may seem that these batteries more convenient to use, as there is no button is energizing. But I can assure you it is not. And according to statistics from the sensor batteries fail more often push.

To date, the market has seen a battery charge indicator, both on cell phones.

Consider the example of battery Joye eGo-C capacity of 1000mAh. This battery is rated at an average of 2 days without recharging. This figure may vary of course. Everything depends on the frequency of smoking, from the atomizer and of course the age of the battery.

Atomizer – a heating element in the electronic cigarette. It is designed for evaporating liquid. Inside the atomizer is a spiral; which, when energized heats and vaporizes the e juice .

There are a very large number of atomizers, they differ in appearance, internal resistance, and the type of cartridge used.
Types of resistance atomizers

Conventional resistance is about 3-3.5 ohms.

Atomizers with low resistance (LR – Low Resistance). Less than 2 ohms. Becomes very hot give more steam, but quickly fails.
Atomizer with increased resistance (HV – High Voltage). The resistance of greater than 3.5 ohms. Designed for use with high-voltage batteries. When the standard voltage less heat and produce less steam.


There are two basic types of cartridges, those with and without a filler. The role of an electronic cigarette filler depends on sintepon (Material made from a high-quality polyester fiber that keeps softness irrespective of term of its use, does not allocate a dust and does not cause an allergy.) or hollofayber (e.g., synthethic fluff made from cotton). Refuelling of cartridges is done by a liquid e-cig cartridgeinsertion of the filler for filling. Then the cartridge is inserted into the atomizer and the liquid from the cartridge is to be gradually moistened by the helix. The disadvantages of this type of cartridge may include a small amount of liquid drippage, and then there is the taste of burning filler.

The second type are cartridges without fillers, such as Joye, eGo-C, and Joye 510-T. This cartridge is a tank, which is filled with liquid and through a silica yarn falls on the spiral atomizer. If you’re looking for more advanced vaping tips, consider looking into how to fill various different tanks.

Cartomizer is an atomizer and cartridge combined into a single package. There are two main types of cartomizers.

The spiral is located directly inside the filler that improves the fluid supply.
It is brought spiral thread ends are covered with the liquid in the tank for smoking.
For the filling of most cartomizers need a syringe with a needle.
E Juice

E Juice (a.k.a E-Liquid) – a special fluid designed for refilling cartridges of electronic cigarettes. It may contain nicotine, which indicates the amount in e juice bottlesmilligrams per milliliter (mg / ml).
E Juice Ingredients
The main components of e juice are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavoring.

Propylene Glycol (PG)
Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
Nicotine – has the most influence on the throat hit (TH).

Types of liquids.

Fluids differ in strength and composition.
Nicotine Strength Levels

0 mg / ml – no nicotine.
3 mg / ml – very weak.
6 mg / ml – weak cigarette.
12 mg / ml – medium-strength cigarette.
18 mg / ml – strong cigarette.
24 mg / ml – very strong cigarette.
Traditional E Juice Composition

Propylene glycol 50%.
Glycerin 40%.
Distilled water 5-10%
1-5% flavoring to taste.
Soft compound.

Glycerin 80%.
Distilled water 10-20%
1-5% flavoring to taste.
Strong composition.

Propylene glycol 95%.
Distilled water 5%
1-5% flavoring to taste.
The Evolution to Vaping

It is understood that the process of smoking electronic cigarettes is somewhat different from the conventional way. Your pull should be slow and long, and you will get more vapor if you allow some time in hits so that the coil atomizer has time to cool down. These are just some basic vaping tips for our beginner vapers who are looking to purchase their first vape starter kit and aren’t sure what metrics they should be taking into account.

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Scott has been an avid vaper for the past three years now. He started smoking when he was 13 years old and had his last cigarette on February 22nd, 2013 at the age of 29 when he received his very first vape starter kit in the mail. That day was a good day, one that he will always remember and he's here to share his journey with you so that hopefully you can have that same great, healthy feeling that Scott has!


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