There is an amazing new product out and it goes by many names. Some call it the ecig, ecigarette, electronic cigarette, smokeless cigarette, water vapor cigarette, or vapor cig. It is a rechargeable electronic device that heats up liquid nicotine and vaporizes it into a tar free & odorless vapor. It resembles a cigarette and you puff on it just like one. These vapor cigarettes have surged in popularity in the last few years and this new “water vapor cigarette” industry has exceeded sales in the hundreds of millions, if not billions since its beginning.
How do water vapor cigarettes work?

Vapor cigarettes vaporize eliquid or flavored liquid nicotine into a tar free and odorless vapor. This is done using an electronic cigarette, also known as vapor cigarette, or ecigarette. The product has a battery, an atomizer (which is a heater), and a pre-filled cartridge filled with the liquid nicotine solution (eliquid). The unit is activated by a manual button, or by a micro sensor that detects every time you puff. Once activated the product rapidly heats up the eliquid and turns it into the vapor.
Why do people call them water vapor cigarettes?

The water vapor cigarette has a few extra ingredients; they are not just water cigarettes. The vapor cig utilizes two very popular food additives to maintain its consistency and hold the nicotine. These ingredients are known as glycerin and propylene glycol. Vapor cigs also use flavoring additives to give the water vapor a tobacco, menthol, or other flavored taste. All of these ingredients that create the water vapor, when mixed together, are known as “eliquid”. This eliquid nicotine formulation turns into a water based vapor when it is heated up quickly, and this vapor has the ability to transfer nicotine to its user, just like smoke.
Where can I buy vapor cigarettes?

If you want to buy vapor cigarette products then you are in the right place. offers some of the best products in the industry. One of their main products is at the top of the vapor cigarette game and it’s called the V2 Cigs electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette vapor produced with this product is so substantial that it is just like smoking a real cigarette (if not better).
What does the water vapor cigarette smell like?

The water vapor cigarette has no odor at all. Many people have used this as an advantage and are smoking the product in bars, restaurants, night clubs, offices, and other establishments where traditional cigarette smoking is banned.
How much are these vapor cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette kit, or vapor cigarette kit can range anywhere from $54.95 to nearly $200 dollars. One of the best electronic cigarette kits you can buy on costs only $79.95 and you can also buy an economy version of the same kit for $59.95.
Where can I smoke my vapor cigarette?

Just about anywhere. People all around the world have been using water vapor cigarettes in places where traditional smoking has been banned such as offices, bar, night clubs, restaurants, and more. Since the “smoke” isn’t actually smoke and no one can smell it, no one can really tell you are “smoking”, unless they are watching. We have found that it is always good to ask first and show them the vapor cigarette and explain to them the water vapor technology before using it at their establishment. This will ensure that a bouncer at a bar or worker at a restaurant doesn’t yell at you, or try to throw you out for smoking on the vapor cigarette


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