The E cig is taking the smoking world by storm, and it isn’t hard to see why. They offer a safer, affordable alternative to traditional smoking that ushers the act of smoking into the 21st century. However, the E cig industry is up against a tough competitor – the tobacco industry has been incredibly powerful and lucrative for hundreds of years. Trying to take on an industry like this may prove somewhat difficult, but many experts and customers agree that the E cig has everything it takes to succeed and bring in a new era for smokers.

The Food and Drug Administration is still conducting research into electronic cigarettes, and this is partly why certain areas of the industry are feeling limited in their growth. However, studies that have been taken have so far shown a transparency and a certain degree of safety that traditional cigarettes never have. When one considers that a traditional cigarette contains thousands of chemicals and toxins that release at the point of combustion, it isn’t any wonder that e-cigs already have the edge.

The purpose of this site is to inform the public on e-cigs and to provide up to date reviews that will hopefully help all consumers make informed decisions and get the most out of their e-cig experience. Among other things, the site will focus on the essential accessories that go with the e-cig, such as Eliquid, E cigarette brands and more. Due to the fact that this is a relatively new industry, consumers do need a little more guidance to find their footing. However, many new customers will find that the glowing reviews for many electronic cigarette brands will be encouragement enough to dive into the satisfying world of the E-cig.

Once the encouragement sets in, the hard decisions begin – which flavors do you want and which accessory pack looks the most intriguing! One of the most enjoyable experiences for a new E cig fan is trying out new Eliquids. Of course, this site will also serve as a valuable resource to the familiar and the long time users of the E cig. The Basics of The E Cig Before we get to the reviews, it’s important to break down exactly what an electronic cigarette is. For the uninitiated, it almost sounds confusing – how can a cigarette be electronic? Well the answer is simple, but the technology involved is anything but.

The E Cig is broken down into two main components. First, there is the battery – now, it is not uncommon for people to refer to the whole E Cig as a battery, as it is the bulk of the cigarette. Truthfully, however, the second component is the cartridge and vaporizer. What goes through the vaporizer depends entirely upon what the user prefers. Some people prefer sweet, some prefer classic – many flavors do involve a small, or maybe even a lot, of nicotine. The amount desired is clearly labeled when purchasing as the E Cig industry is aware of how much their products are used to ween off of nicotine in a fun and enjoyable way. What is produced once the Eliquid has been vaporized is a harmless smoke that is made up of a few key ingredients, and what is left in the air does not infect, stain or cause any discomfort to those around you (this is why it’s now a common sight to see them in bars). Making Sure The Consumer Understands Their Options We strive to stay true to the notion that knowledge is power. If you are well informed, then you’ll make good decisions, and that applies to all areas of life. We know that things are tight for many people these days, and when they do spend money, it’s usually on tried and true products that they know won’t be a waste. One of the problems for electronic cigarettes is trying to get people to take risks on new products. And even the best marketing in the world might not cut it – therefore, we understand that our role here is to act as a third party to help the consumer make a good decision and to help the E cig industry really achieve its full potential. When we talk about options we mean which accessories?

Which Eliquids? How many types of charging cable will be necessary? Part of what made smoking so integral to our culture in the first place was how social the act became. Therefore, it only stands to reason that electronic cigarettes will aim to fill in this role. Not everybody works on the same schedule, and not everybody has the same needs, or tastes. The beauty of the E cig is that it is rich in variety – not just in terms of flavor, but also in terms of technology. Different styles of battery allow the user to express their individuality through the aesthetic viewpoint. Meanwhile some may need to be able to charge on the go, and certain kits do accommodate that – however some do not, and this is why these reviews and guides will be so useful to you. Why You Should Trust Us We are passionate about e-cigarettes. It’s that simple. We believe that this not only the right way forward for the smoking industry, but it will benefit the consumer from their health to their pocket. Whether the E cig had been around for 20 years or just for 2 months, we would still be doing this. However, we do appreciate and understand that a new product such as this will need an extra level of guidance attached to it. We accept that responsibility and we fully hope to bring the best reviews we can to our readers. We believe that the passion we have will shine through and encourage our readers to come back again and again for great tips, reviews and news. Where To Begin The big question we hear a lot is where to begin with buying E cigs. Well, there is a basic answer – and that is the starter kit. Many companies offer starter kits as a way to introduce the curious into the world of electronic smoking.

Now, the main thing to remember here is that some companies (and I will stress, they are fortunately in the minority) will provide you with low quality technology and Eliquid and not give you good value for money. These companies essentially wish to profit on the booming popularity of the industry and won’t stick around. However, there are many companies that do offer great value starter kits that are truthfully all you may need for years of e-smoking. This is precisely why this guide exists, to point consumers in the direction of companies that share the same passion we do. What you should be looking for in a quality starter kit boils down to a few essential things, and then some other things that may not be dealbreakers, but certainly require some research. The first thing, and this may be obvious, is the battery.

The battery powers the whole cigarette, and without it, it is not an E cig. Of course, you will want to make sure the battery is solid, reliable, holds a charge and is backed up by good reviews. Next, ensure that the Eliquid is of a decent quality. Some may be weak, but also double check that this is not simply a matter of strength. Many liquids do come in varying strengths, and does not necessarily indicate a weak liquid. Users should also take note of the cost of replacement cartridges or replacement batteries. There’s no point buying a good value starter kit if the replacements are going to work out more in the long run. Still, one would expect that even the pricier E cigarettes will work out cheaper per year than a year of smoking tobacco. Word of Mouth You may be wondering, how did we come to be such experts of E cigarettes before there was ever a really reliable resource like ours to inform people? Well the truth is, it was harder. However, we did it by word of mouth. Our friends recommended certain brands and certain Eliquid products to us and we recommended them to our friends. Before long, a small world-wide community existed where certain brands were praised (and some were not). This level of communication is still important today. If a user uses our website to gain the knowledge they need to buy the very best in E cig technology, they will then be able to pass that information on to their friends and family, thus empowering a whole new group of people to do the same. We believe this is important because the more people interested in E cigarettes, the happier we are. We want to see the smokers of this world moving forward with the times and we’re happy to be their guide. Browse and Enjoy We recommend all new visitors take the time to browse, read and enjoy this little community we have here. We work very hard to research and bring you the best in new (and old) E cig products. These products are presented in such a way that we feel will benefit you the most.

In other words, we’ve made it as clear as possible which products serve which purpose and which products are good for that purpose. We also understand that not everything is as black and white as good and bad. Some people have different needs from others and our reviews reflect that with as much unbiased and relative reporting as possible. One example of how getting used to how our site works can benefit you is our compatibility guides. Some may miss these at first, but compatibility in E cigarettes is very important. For example, one brand may require expensive cartridge refills, but their battery may be solid quality. The good news may be that this brand allows for the user to use other third party cartridges with the battery in question. This is great news for the consumer and great news for the industry as it opens up the market and allows for greater variety and happier customers. These guides will prove very helpful once the user has really begun using their starter kit and craving to explore further into the tastes of e cigarettes. They Said It Couldn’t Happen For many years many people believed that nothing could overturn the cigarette industry. It has been so powerful and influential in the capitalist market that many felt nothing could compete with it.

Well, for the first time arguably ever, we know have a range of products that have taken what the cigarette did (very successfully) and improved upon it for the modern age. It’s still early days but things are looking very bright for the E cig industry. Finally, people can at last enjoy the social pleasure of smoking without any of the harmful risks involved. We believe that this is so important we made this site to support the industry, but more importantly, to support the customer in fulfilling the potential of the product. Stick with this site and you will absolutely be an expert in the E cig products and hopefully will be able to share your knowledge with the world. If you have ever been curious about trying E cigarettes now is the time to really get into the wonderful world of electronic smoking. Once you try it out you will never want to go back to regular cigarettes. We believe that we offer the very best in electronic cigarette review and we sincerely hope that you think so too. Our goal here, above all else, is to provide a useful service to fans and newcomers alike – we’ve already received lots of nice feedback about the work we’ve been doing but there is always room for improvement. As the industry grows and changes to adapt to the needs of the consumer, we’ll be there, adapting right there with it to stay ahead of the curve for our readers and e-cigarette users all over the world.



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