High Quality White Cloud Offers E-Cigarette Smokers A Range Of Starter E-Cig Kits 
One of the more realistic electronic smoking experiences on the market comes from White Cloud and its Cirrus 3. Why realistic? It is really small and light, like a rea cig. But a big disadvantage is the price, which is generally higher than its competitors. Also, our review team wasn’t too happy with the taste of the juice. It is not that bad, but there are other brands we liked better (Green Smoke, V2). 

What Do You Get With White Cloud

  • Starter Kit Price – $49.95 for Cirrus II (an older version), $79.95 for Cirrus 3, $119.95 for Cirrus 3x and $199.95 for Phantom, all with free shipping.
  • Flavors – Chocolate, Clove, Espresso, Menthol, Strawberry, Tobacco, Vanilla and more.
  • Cartridge Price – $13.95 for 5-pack
  • Level of Nicotine – between zero and 4.2 percent (which means ultra high level of nicotine)

A Little Bit About White Cloud

There’s a reason for the higher price on White Cloud’s products, which is that users get the utmost quality. How’s that?

  • It provides 400 puffs, which is two times more than what some its competitors offer
  • Easy to draw and decent amount of virtual smoke
  • Longer-lasting batteries than compared to the other brands
  • The C3 cigarette is smaller and lighter than any other brand out there
  • The manufacturer provides a two year warranty on the C3X and a six month warranty on the C2 and C3

There’s no need to maintain the electronic cigarette because a new atomizer is found inside every cartridge. Best of all, the SmoothDraw cartridges comprise of the highest quality.

A Look At White Cloud’s Five Starter Kits

White Cloud has five starter kits available; each one offers something for users looking to use an electronic cigarette product.

1 – Cirrus II – $49.95

The cheaper choice of all White Cloud’s starter kits is the Cirrus II, which comes with a six month warranty, charges in about two hours and lasts for seven to nine hours or 280 puffs.

2 – Cirrus 3 – $79.95

This starter kit comes with three additional but small batteries, weighs roughly six grams, has a length of 2.25 inches, takes one hour to charge, has a lighter, shorter and better vapor than other e-cigarettes and has a six-month warranty to it.

3 – Cirrus 3X – $119.95

This starter kit includes the longest-lasting batteries (around 600 puffs for every charge). It takes two hours to charge and has a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

4 – Phantom Kit – 199.99

This is White Cloud’s newest and innovative product, which generates a low amount of vapor and delivers a high nicotine amount. It’s got a black nonglossy finish with no ash tip and also comes with a USB charger that can charge up to three batteries at a time.

The idea behind the Phantom Kit is that people can be discreet while they smoke. For instance, if you want a cigarette on an airplane or restaurant, you can do so with an electronic cigarette. However, the device looks very similar to a regular cigarette so don’t be surprised if you get some strange looks. E-cigarettes don’t produce a lot of smoke vapors and the tip doesn’t glow.

5 – Variety – $109.95

This has three different kinds of batteries: C2, C3 and C3X

Which kit to choose?

If you smoke heavily, the C3X is the option you need to go with because you don’t have to charge your batteries as often. If you don’t smoke as often, an ultra-light electronic cigarette like the C3 will do just fine. If you’re looking to save a little money and don’t really care about changing the batteries often, the C2 will suffice.

You can also choose the disposables at a price tag of one for $5.95 or five for $24.95.

If you want to personalize your electronic cigarette, you can purchase a vapor jacket $9.95 for 10.

What’s The Nicotine Strength and Percentage Like With The White Cloud E-Cigarette Product?

  • Double Strength – This comes in espresso, menthol, tobacco and vanilla at 4.2 percent
  • Extra Strength – This comes in a number of flavors including but not limited: clove, espresso, menthol, tobacco, strawberry at 3.6 percent
  • Full Strength – This is found in all flavors at 2.4 percent
  • Light Strength – This is found in all flavors at 1.8 percent
  • Ultra-Light Strength – This is found in both menthol and tobacco flavors at 0.6 percent
  • No Nicotine – This comes in chocolate, espresso, menthol, tobacco and vanilla at zero percent


When it comes to electronic cigarettes, Cirrus is considered one of the best… despite the price tag. After all, the quality of this e-cigarette brand is extremely high and makes it one of the better e-cig products available.


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