Local vape stores often don’t have the space to hold inventory of the e juice brands that they have on display and most of the time WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). If the e juice flavor isn’t on the shelf then chances are it’s all sold out.

This isn’t an ideal situation for the vape retailer or the vaper but it’s the way that local vape stores have been forced to operate in an industry where you’ve got thousands of e juice brands trying to send you samples of their e juice line, which contains fours different flavors all at six different nic levels. In order to carry just 100 bottles of all four flavors, the vape shops would have to carry 2,400 bottles to do so at all different nic levels.

Fortunately, vape retailers are aware of which nic levels and which flavors sell best in their stores so that they can adjust accordingly any maybe only stock 20 or 30 bottles at the higher nic levels.

Some vape retailers have multiple B&M storefronts within a reasonably close mile radius and are able to use their other store to hold flavors that they don’t have the room to hold in their flagship store.

Local vape stores working together

local vape stores

In order to reduce the lead time and improve your supply chain you must partner with a company that has local distributors. There is no telling when a juice is going to sell out and nobody wants to have customers clambering at their counters for a juice that they’ve sold out of.

This means that you shouldn’t be partnering with vape suppliers and e juice suppliers overseas if there is a chance of you running out of their product, and there always should be a chance.

Vape retailers should partner with other local vape stores and local suppliers who are able to restock their best-selling e juices within 8 hours or less. Their less popular products should a turnaround time of fewer than 24 hours before the shelves are re-stocked. If this isn’t possible through a plethora of different suppliers then maybe it’s time to contact some other vape retailers around you.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would they give me juice if we’re competitors?” and the answer is because you’ll return the favor when they’re out of juice. Test it out and see if it works with a couple local vape stores and if it works out then try to put together a mutually beneficial committee of vape retailers.

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