The End of Cigarette Smoking?

Smoking gives you yellow teeth, yellow finger nails and bad breath, but these are minor inconveniences. What smoking really does, is kill you. There is no doubt that smoking is extremely addictive, dangerous to others and an expensive habit to maintain. Is it time to find an alternative?

Vaping is Purposely Not Addictive.

Traditional analog cigarettes produce smoke, tar, ash and over 4,000 dangerous chemicals including carbon monoxide, cadmium, arsenic, acetone and hydrogen cyanide. Starting in the 60’s, tobacco companies engineered cigarettes to make them more addictive. Adding artificial ammonia to the tobacco in cigarettes binds the nicotine molecules so that the tobacco smoke can be more easily converted into unbound, free nicotine molecules. These unbound nicotine molecules enhance the effect of smoking and make cigarettes more addictive. This enhancement is referred to as freebasing or nicotine-crack. Consequently, cigarettes have been purposely designed to be as addictive as possible.

In other words, tobacco companies want you addicted and go out of their way to keep you addicted to smoking.

Not only are burning cigarettes dangerous to inhale, they are also the leading cause of accidental fires in the home. According to the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes, “One-quarter of victims of smoking-material fire fatalities are not the smokers whose cigarettes started the fire: 34 percent are children of the smokers; 25 percent are neighbors or friends; 14 percent are spouses or partners; and 13 percent are parents.” Cigarettes are extremely dangerous to your health and the health of those around you.

Vaping is cheap


US state governments know that tobacco companies are making cigarettes purposely more addictive. However, they don’t mind. Most US state governments use cigarette sin taxes to balance their budgets. The government counts on the cigarette smoker’s addiction to tobacco. When they raise tobacco taxes, they know that most smokers can’t quit.

Does Vaping Save Money?

Smokers will keep paying the tobacco taxes, no matter how high they become. In some states, cigarettes have reached the insane price of $10 a pack. It is about time that an alternative is invented so that smokers can break free from this addictive, dangerous, expensive and smelly habit.

Technology inspiring vaping

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish there was an alternative to smoking tobacco”? Now there is!

Electronic cigarettes (eCigarettes) are a revolutionary, technological alternative to smoking cigarettes. Using a microchip-controlled atomizer and a nicotine solution (eLiquid), the eCigarette vaporizes the eLiquid into an inhalable vapor that feels like the smoke made from burning a cigarette.

You no longer have to smoke the dangerous chemical cocktail that tobacco executives, who are just as bad as oil executives, want you to smoke. You no longer have to smoke highly addictive ammonia-laced cigarettes. You no longer have to inhale burning acetone, arsenic and hydrogen cyanide. Electronic cigarettes contain none of these chemicals.

Electronic Cigarette Facts

  • Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco of any kind.
  • Electronic cigarettes do not burn or combust any substance.
  • Electronic do not produce smelly smoke.
  • Electronic do not produce second-hand smoke.
  • Electronic cigarettes do not produce carbon monoxide.
  • Electronic cigarettes do not produce tar.
  • Electronic cigarettes will not burn down your house with your family inside.

Electronic cigarettes are the future. It is possible that electronic cigarettes are going to replace traditional cigarettes entirely. They are that good.

Switch Now to a Better Life!

VapeSafe Electronic Cigarettes have been tested extensively. VapeSafe eCigarettes produce the greatest volume of vapor. We know. We have tried all of our competitors’ top products and found them weak producers of vapor. Heavy vapor is what you want when switching from analog tobacco to digital vaporization. The greater the volume of vapor an eCigarette can produce, the stronger the throat hit. It is the throat hit that makes the smoker feel like they are getting what they need while vaping (using an eCigarette). If you are serious about finding an alternative to cigarettes, lots of heavy vapor can not be stressed enough.


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