In a $3.5 billion industry with as many as 8,500 vape shops in the U.S. [source], how do vape retailers plan on competing in this cut-throat market?

Differentiating your vape shop

Vape retailers are tasked with the tough task of providing a great experience to all of their customers, which is something that the best vape stores do really well and this is how they do it.
Sell e juice faster with multi-channel marketing

The top vape retailers are the ones who know how to get the most out of their multi-channel marketing efforts, and that means getting the most out of your e juice brands.

When finding the right partner to supply your store with premium e juice it is key that you ask the question un-related to e juice that have the potential to greatly impact your business.

What kind of marketing do they do to help ensure that their juice sells nation-wide, but more importantly, in your specific store?

This will depend on what promotional material you accept and encourage in your vape shop if any at all, and on their relationship with you. At the very least they should have an account rep who is working closely with their marketing manager to increase localized online advertisements in your area.

Do they have a local customer-base that they can announce the partnership too and hopefully bring in a few dozen initial customers? If not, how will the attain them?

This might be an email marketing list that has several thousand subscribers, in which of, a few dozen are located within a 25-mile radius of your vape shop. The best-case scenario would be if they had a few hundred customers subscribed to their SMS marketing list, which we will talk about below.

Do they utilize SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is one of the surest ways to increase your customer base and increase their spending amount. It’s also the key element that is missing between online shops and typical B&Ms. If vape retailers correctly take advantage of SMS marketing by stocking e juice brands that focus on this they’ve already got one foot in front of the competition.

This is so vital for B&Ms because if done correctly, the e juice brand is able to track the location of the user’s wireless phone and then they are able to send them real-time discounts as they are browsing your store. The discounts will be fulfilled by the e juice brand at a later time, most likely online.

Have you submitted your vape shop to Yellow Pages and have you checked that your location can be found in an online vape store finder?

Every month over 400 search the query “vape shops around me” in Google. This means that it’s essential that you, first of all, submit your business to Google Places for businesses. Google will then go about indexing your business location and pinging that location to a plethora of different location services online. They’ll also be sure to control the results when someone is looking for a vape shop in your area and you want your vape shop to be the one that they recommend. Also be sure to edit your address if you move or add any additional storefronts.

How carefully are you monitoring your vape store reviews?

We all know that Yelp reviews can make or break a business and if you’re a brand new store then it’s essential that you make sure to monitor your reviews and respond to any negative reviews that could affect your business. The vaping community learns a lot from others, as there isn’t really anyone else to learn from, so a negative review on FB, Twitter, or Reddit could also greatly hurt your sales if you don’t take care of it correctly.

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